NG1046 FCVA 10G United (Fall 2019)

Team Uniform

Team Contact Info


  Chris Chenen 571-220-4562 EMAIL


  Candace Retimer 619-606-6550 EMAIL

GU10 Division M  
Pts: Points; GP: Games Played; W: Wins; L: Losses; T: Draws; GF: Goals For; GA: Goals Against; TC: Total Cautions; TE: Total Expulsions
. A3 Cardiff
. FCVA 10G United
. FPYC United 10
. SCAA Green 10G
. SMS Chaos
. SYC Pride 10 White
. VYS 10G Silver
. WCU 10G Blue

FCVA 10G United Schedule

DIV GAME# Date Time Home   Away Location
September 2019
NG10DM 41603 Sat Sep 7 12:45 pm FCVA 10G United vs SCAA Green 10G Bles Park #3A
NG10DM 41604 Sun Sep 8 2:15 pm FCVA 10G United vs FPYC United 10 Bles Park #3A
NG10DM 41610 Sun Sep 15 9:30 am VYS 10G Silver vs FCVA 10G United Ken Lawrence Park #2 Small
NG10DM 41622 Sat Sep 21 10:00 am WCU 10G Blue vs FCVA 10G United Watkins Elementary School DC #1
NG10DM 41614 Sun Sep 22 3:15 pm FCVA 10G United vs A3 Cardiff Bles Park #3A
NG10DM 41619 Sun Sep 29 3:00 pm SMS Chaos vs FCVA 10G United Chancellors Run Reg Park #4B
October 2019
NG10DM 41626 Sun Oct 20 9:00 am SYC Pride 10 White vs FCVA 10G United Hooes Road Park #2B
November 2019
NG10DM 41631 Sat Nov 2 1:30 pm FPYC United 10 vs FCVA 10G United Lanier MS #1
NG10DM 41632 Sun Nov 3 2:15 pm FCVA 10G United vs SYC Pride 10 White Bles Park #3A
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