NG1131 FCVA 11G United (Fall 2020)

Team Uniform

Team Contact Info


  Chris Chenen 571-585-6100 EMAIL

Asst. Coach

  Dave Kasper 703-989-3676 EMAIL

Asst. Coach

  Holly Wiles 703-627-0808 EMAIL

FCVA 11G United Schedule

DIV GAME# Date Time Home   Away Location
September 2020
NG10DF 10501 Sat Sep 12 3:00 pm FCVA 11G United vs VSA 11G Premier Red Bles Park #2A
NG10DF 10529 Sun Sep 20 1:00 pm BRU United 11G Orange vs FCVA 11G United Sherando 1-A
NG10DF 10543 Sat Sep 26 10:30 am NVSC 11G Samba vs FCVA 11G United Hellwig Park #8B
NG10DF 10535 Sun Sep 27 1:30 pm FCVA 11G United vs VYS 11G White Bles Park #1
October 2020
NG10DF 10517 Sat Oct 3 1:00 pm FC Frederick 11G vs FCVA 11G United Riverside Center Park #3
NG10DF 10555 Sun Oct 18 12:00 pm FCVA 11G United vs FCCH '11 Girls Red Bles Park #1
NG10DF 21625 Sat Oct 24 12:00 pm FCVA 11G United vs VYS 11G White Bles Park #2A
NG10DF 10567 Sun Oct 25 3:30 pm GSC Spirit Premier 12 vs FCVA 11G United Carl Sandburg MS RF #1
November 2020
NG10DF 10575 Sun Nov 1 12:00 pm FCVA 11G United vs ARL 2011G Gold Bles Park #2A
- has been rescheduled in last seven days, - has been rescheduled since Aug 25  (current as of 2/7/2022 7:05 am)
- set-up, first game on field, - take-down, last game on field - be sure to re-check on game day