NB1132 SMS Arsenal Black (Spring 2020)

Team Uniform

Team Contact Info


  Jeff Norris 301-904-7357 EMAIL


  Kelly Huiskens 229-560-5727 EMAIL

Asst. Coach

  Hank Cathey 304-488-0361 EMAIL

SMS Arsenal Black Schedule

DIV GAME# Date Time Home   Away Location
April 2020
NB09DC 21058 Sun Apr 19 9:00 am LOUD 11B White vs SMS Arsenal Black Potomac Green Park #2
NB09DC 21013 Sat Apr 25 12:00 pm WCU 11B Blue vs SMS Arsenal Black Watkins Elementary School DC #1
NB09DC 21067 Sun Apr 26 11:30 am SMS Arsenal Black vs ALEX 2011 Boys White Chancellors Run Reg Park #4B
May 2020
NB09DC 21082 Sun May 3 3:00 pm PWSI Courage Boys 2011 Swoosh vs SMS Arsenal Black Ali Krieger Sports Complex #8A
NB09DC 21097 Sun May 10 10:00 am SMS Arsenal Black vs BRYC Elite Academy U10 Blue Chancellors Run Reg Park #4A
NB09DC 21106 Sun May 17 5:00 pm VYS 11B Black vs SMS Arsenal Black Oakton HS 3R
NB09DC 21130 Sun May 31 1:00 pm SMS Arsenal Black vs ARL 11B Blue Chancellors Run Reg Park #4B
June 2020
NB09DC 21019 Sat Jun 6 10:30 am VSA 11B Messi Navy vs SMS Arsenal Black Long Park Turf #5A
NB09DC 21034 Sun Jun 7 11:30 am SMS Arsenal Black vs GFR 11 Lazio Chancellors Run Reg Park #4B
- has been rescheduled in last seven days, - has been rescheduled since May 31  (current as of 8/25/2020 11:35 am)
- set-up, first game on field, - take-down, last game on field - be sure to re-check on game day